5 Best Water Purifiers that have become a necessity in today’s Modern Homes

Getting access to pure drinking water is close to impossible these days. Are you worried about your family’s health? Do you frequently suffer from waterborne diseases? Does the drinking water supply in your house looks polluted or tastes salty? 

Installing the best water purifier in India is the need for every household for healthy living. Isn’t it? You have come to the right place. All that you need is a good water purifier. Let us just take some time to reflect on our lives that have changed in the recent past for the better.

There have been megatrends like digitisation or globalisation that have shaped human lives with all the fundamental changes in technology, commodities, and societies. 

Having the best water purifier has become a necessity and is no more considered a luxury. If you plan to buy the best UV UF water purifier or even a RO water purifier, there are many factors to be considered before selecting the best water purifier. The factors to be considered are TDS level, no. of family members, source of water, type of the water purifier, and the most important, your budget.

Depending on the above factors, you can choose the right type of water purifier. You must be thinking that it is quite challenging to do all these, but don’t worry, we have reviewed the 5 Best Water Purifiers. Whatever might be your criteria, but make sure that you will get the best and quality water purifier in this list.

1. Kent Grand 8 Litres - Best Water Purifier for Small Homes

Kent Grand is a RO purifier. The best water purifier for a small Indian home can be none other than the Kent Grand. It is the most efficient water filter as it eliminates all kinds of toxins. I must tell you that Kent Grand is the best RO water purifier you can get, and that’s why it is on the top of my list. The Kent Grand is the best suit for every Indian small home or office. Kent Grand is the most trusted and also the largest selling RO water purifier. It is made to provide 100% pure and purified mineral-rich water. It ensures that not a single drop of water is wasted during the purification process.



Specifications & Features

Kent innovations are the best as it contributes to make every purchase a great one. The RO system comes with a patented mineral technology along with a built-in TDS controller. Kent Grand water purifier has taken the initiative to retain every minor level with the TDS controller’s help. I will like to mention the best features of Kent Grand:

Why Buy? Kent Grand water purifier is the best product that will add value to your money. If you need satisfaction with water quality, then Kent Grand is the best option you have. The water purifier is best from the brand Kent, a leading company of the best water purifiers in India.

2. AO Smith Z9 – A Premium purifier in Trend

If you are tensed that you are ruining the kitchen’s aesthetics using water purified, here I have a smart water purifier that will uplift your kitchen’s design. AO Smith 29 is the best for everything. The design of this water purifier suits the lifestyle of the customer. The purifier comes with 10 litres of storage capacity. There are eight levels of the purification process. With its aesthetic design, the purifier ensures 100% purified water and at the same time with its innovative Advance Recover Technology saves two times more water.



Specifications & Features

Some of the key features of the AO Smith Z9 purifier are mentioned below.

In all, the AO Smith Z9 has an outstanding functioning and technology that makes it the best option for your home. If you are looking for a water purifier that will eliminate all the pathogens and at the same time look good, then this is the best water purifier that you can buy.

3. Kent Pearl 8 Litre – Best UV UF Water Purifier

If you are looking for the best UV UF water purifier for your office or home, then the Kent Pearl is just designed for you. Yes, the Kent Pearl comes with 8 litres of storage and a budget-friendly water purifier that provides pure and water free from bacteria in no time. The water purifier ensures 100% safety from all the waterborne diseases with UV+UF+RO technology. The Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier is suited for every Indian Home or Offices. Kent Pearl is the best water purifier for corporation water. Before you buy the Kent Pearl, let us go through its specifications and features to understand it better.



Specifications & Features

Buy Kent Pearl for extended happiness as it comes with a 1-year warranty and three years of free service. If you need great satisfaction and do not want to compromise on water purity, you will not find a much better option than the Kent Pearl Water Purifier.

4. Eureka Forbes AquaSure – Best Affordable RO Purifier

The Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifier offers purification of water at an affordable price with six water purification stages and comes with 6 litres of a storage tank with RO+UV+MTDS. It has a clarity cartridge, UV disinfection chamber, membrane life enhancer, chemi-block filtration, and taste enhancer. It is the best water purifier under 10000. Its lightweight and compact design makes the purifier’s installation simple and suits the modular kitchen space requirements. The shiny black colour enhances the look of the purifier. The front panel of the purifier has big LED indicators that change colours. This gives you complete information on when the tank is full, low incoming water pressure or no water supply, or any error in the machine. I would say about AquaSure that it is the best for every Indian home because of its smart voltage fluctuation guard. This protects the purifier from any voltage fluctuations between 150 V to 270 V.

I would say about AquaSure that it is the best for every Indian home because of its smart voltage fluctuation guard. This protects the purifier from any voltage fluctuations between 150 V to 270 V.



Specifications & Features

Thanks to the water purifier’s modern design, the machine is much attractive than you will buy as you see it. The craftsmanship is worthy of praise—the best RO water purifier under 10000.

5. Kent Ace Mineral 7-litre – The best UV +UF Water Purifier

Kent is becoming a household name because of its excellent customer service, functional design, and quality. Here is one more feather to the cap, The Kent Ace Mineral water purifier, as the name suggests, the purifier helps maintain the natural minerals of the drinking water. The perfect solution for every Indian home as it purifies the tap water and also municipal supply.

The compact design of the water purifier allows wall-mountable installation. This helps to keep your kitchen counters clutter-free.



Specifications & Features

Buy the Kent Ace Mineral 7-litre RO+UV water purifier that provides you water purified through the RO+UV+UF process and ensures you have safe drinking water.

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier? – An Ultimate Buying Guide for you.

It is essential to make the best decision when you want to select the perfect water purifier for your house. The quality of water that you consume can directly impact your health and also your family. In India, finding the best water purifier can be difficult as there are various options available in the market, as every brand product promises the consumers to provide quality water. Many of us may believe that every purifier does the same job. But this is not true. India has many states where there are different water conditions. Hence, they require different purification processes and technologies.

What are things that need to be considered before selecting the perfect water purifier for your house?

Quality of Water: The first thing I considered when choosing the right water purifier for my house is the water quality in my locality. What was the source of water that gets supplied to your home is a crucial question to ask yourself? Mostly, in the urban areas, the water is provided in the houses through municipalities. These are generally treated and sourced to the locality. But, if you are getting municipal water, know what the quality is from such sources.

If the water is supplied through tankers, then it is hard water. Hard water consists of a high level of dissolved solids like heavy metals, fluorides, and many other things. All such impurities make the hard water unfit for us to drink. If the water has vast amounts of TDS, choose RO water purifier as it has a permeable membrane that removes every impurity from the water. Search for the best water purifier in India for borewell water.

The water that is sourced from Municipality Corporation is soft. This water is not harmful but needs purification before consumption. You can select a Purifier that will have the technology and remove impurities and particulates.

If the water contains microbes, it is preferable to select the best UV+UF water purifier. A good purifier should have a pre-carbon filter, post-carbon filter, and pre-sediment filter. A pre-sediment filter will remove all the particulates from the water, pre-carbon absorbs all the impurities and odour, and post-carbon filters increase the taste quality.

Water Storage Capacity: The most crucial factor is to check for the water storage capacity. Have a rough idea of the amount of water supply that you require daily. Select the purifier that will cater to the daily needs of your family.

Check for Brand Certifications: Select brands that will have validated certifications. Have faith in brands that has WQI, ISI, or NSF certifications. These certifications guarantee the authenticity of the brand.

Check out the build-up and the design of the product: Always choose a water purifier with a substantial buildup ensuring maximum durability. A purifier can be selected if it is made up of engineering grade plastic. Ensure that the plastic used is also food graded. It is not advisable to use any type of plastic container to store the water, making the water toxic. If the purifier is made up of food-grade plastic, it is the best and safest to use. Check carefully, if you are buying a low price water purifier.

Know the maintenance cost and the service required to be done after sales: Water purifiers need regular maintenance. Otherwise, the water will get contaminated as the purifier’s old parts can get rusted at times. When selecting the water purifier, the cost of the filter will determine the cost of the maintenance of the purifier. If you were choosing a UF water purifier, it requires the essential maintenance cost of about 1500 rupees. For a UV water purifier’s supervision, the UV bulb has been changed annually or whenever it stops working. This can cost you between 2000 to 2500 Rs. RO water purifiers require the highest maintenance cost compared to any of the best UV UF water purifiers.

Also, check for after-sales service cost of the water purifier brand and select a brand that will provide the best quality of after-sales service and even high maintenance.

When it comes to caring for your family, avoid making any type of impulsive decision. Some important factors need to be considered before you select a water purifier for your house. There are many reasons for you to look for before buying the best water purifier. They ensure safety from every life-threatening waterborne disease that causes because of contaminated water. The weird taste of the calcium carbonate, chlorine is removed.

Types of Water Purifiers and mapping them to the water type.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers: A normal osmosis process, the water from a low solute concentration flows through a membrane to a high solute concentration which means a high TDS level. As the membrane’s pores are small, the water molecules being smaller will easily pass through it. Through this, the tiniest dissolved bacteria or impurities can be trapped. 

  • Ultrafiltration (UF): To purify water, Ultrafiltration (UF) uses a semi-permeable membrane. You must be confused as RO and UF both use a membrane to purify water. UF uses a membrane with larger pores compared to RO water purifiers that use a membrane with small pores. The benefit of using a UF water purifier is that it can work without electricity. As the membrane has larger pores, that water can pass naturally by using the gravity force. This means no external pressure is needed. UF water purifier does not hold the water back and thus no wastage of water.

    There are some limitations to using a UF water purifier. As it has a larger pore size, it removes only undissolved solids and large impurities. It is not able to reduce the TDS level. It is advisable not to use UF water purifiers for hard water.

  • Ultraviolet Purification (UV): Ultraviolet Purification uses ultraviolet rays to purify water. It works by throwing high UV rays on the water. This kills the diseases that cause viruses or bacteria. UV purifiers cannot remove any un-dissolved impurities or any type of chemicals that are present in the water. Thus, UV purifiers are recommended in areas where there is a low level of TDS in the water source.

    These days there are different kinds of water purifiers that are available in the market. This increases the complexity of buying the best purifier for your house. Always choose a RO purifier that can purify water with a high TDS level. Soft water has a low level of TDS; UF water purifier will be the best choice. Hard water has a greater level of TDS; thus, RO purifiers are suited for them. Hard water with the highest level of biological contamination is advisable to use a RO+UV+UF water purifier.


Which water purifier is best suitable for Borewell water?

Borewell water contains a high level of TDS. Apart from the common minerals like sodium, calcium, iron, and borewell, many heavy metals like lead, fluoride, mercury, etc. RO + UV purifiers are the best water purifier in India for Borewell Water.

Which brand offers the best customer support and after-sales service?

A water purifier is a product that requires periodic service and also technical support. You must buy water purifiers from reputed brands that give you the best customer service. Every leading brand today will offer free installation and will have distribution or support service in your locality. Check by calling customer support or read online reviews on JustDial, Amazon, or Flipkart. You can even check for the best water purifiers under 10000.

I am getting a non-brand RO water purifier at half the price of a branded one, should I buy it?

It is not advisable to go for local or non-branded water purifiers, as they are meant to provide you with clean and pure drinking water and keep you away from any type of waterborne diseases. The non-branded purifier will have a low-quality membrane and filter. Poor customer service and will give unreliable purification.

How to select between RO and UV?

Both RO and UV water purifiers perform the same functions of killing the water bacteria. But, there are many things to be considered in choosing a RO and UV purifier. UV kills pathogens, and RO removes the floating dead bodies. UV does not remove the dissolved solids or salts, RO removes them. If you have muddy water, RO is advisable as it separates the mud from the water. RO purifier can work only in areas where the water pressure is high, whereas UV filters work with every water pressure type.

Why do I need a water purifier?

Whether you are cooking or using water for drinking purposes only, it is imperative to ensure the safety of water entering your body. A water purifier will not only purify water and retain its healthy taste but also adjust the pH and mineral balance of water to make it good for your health.

How do I choose the right water purifier?

Decide where you need to install the water purifier. If you are living in an industrial or construction area and you want to install a water purifier then go for activated carbon filters which remove odours and chemical pollutants from bore well or municipal water supply. Going for a smaller power water purifier for a large family can only lead to increasing the burden of running cost on your wallet. Choose the water purifier with the right capacity. Always study about the filter replacement costs and availability before making a purchase as these need to be replaced timely for improved efficiency of the water purifiers.

What are the top-rated water purifier brands in India?

Kent, Konvio, LG and Eureka Forbes are some of the highest-rated water purifier brands in India. These are on the pricier side but are one of the best in terms of output. The added features like automatic shut off, add to the charm. You can even customise the filters to your specific needs. These have six stages to the three-stage water filter system, which includes true UV filters and Carbon filters to clean not only the dust but also removes contaminants and microbes. However, there are water purifiers that are available under 10 thousand rupees and can be a good budget option instead of not installing any filter at home.

Bottom Line

Different sources of incoming water will have impurities that will require different types of water purifiers. We have put together above the best buying guide to help you find the Best Water Purifier for your home or office. Other conditions of water require different technologies and different purifying techniques. Our buying guide will help you to get the best water purifier for all your needs.

Scan through all the differences and check what will work the best for you. A fair comparison will help you to make better choices. Always remember that Health is Wealth.

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